Confusion in Edo APC on the Alleged Suspension of Adams Oshiomhole

The state party chieftains of APC in Edo state stressed that the suspension of Adams Oshiomhole, the National Chairman of APC in Edo was necessary to prevent a repeat of what happened in Zamfara State, […]

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Profile of the New Speaker of British Parliament: Lindsay Hoyle

Here is Lindsay Hoyle as profiled by Andrew Pierce in the Daily Mail: Born in Chorley, Lancashire, where he went to the local state school, he’s lived in the town all his life. The Hoyle […]

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Chaos at Trump’s Impeachment Inquiry

Chants of “Let us in” by a group of Republican members of the House of Representatives led to chaos at the Sensitive Compartmented information facilities (SCIFs).  This was at a time  Laura Cooper, a top […]

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Boris Johnson sent a request to the EU without his signatures

The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has sent a request to the EU for a delay in brexit without appending his signatures.  In a second letter signed by Johnson, he stated that a delay would […]

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Reviving Nigeria Railway System

The Journey So far… The Nigerian Minister, Mr. Rotimi Amechi has done a very good job in reviving the railway system within the first tenure of President Mohammed Buhari regime. As a result, travellers prefer […]

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Phases of ‘#RevolutionNow’ Movement

The expectations of  #RevolutionNow Movement were not met on Monday as law enforcement agents were deployed by the Federal Government to thwart their efforts. Despite the threats, some civil  society organisation (CSO) maintained a “no […]

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RevolutionNow Vs StandWithBuhari-Expected Monday Drama

It will be an expected Monday drama as RevolutionNow protest tagged “Days of Rage” scheduled to take place on Monday may clash with StandWithBuhari counter-rally. StandWithBuhari comprising of Nothern groups and others says, “we won’t […]

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Cambridge Certificate Presented by President Buhari Has a Typographical Error

The certificate saga for President Muhammad Buhari may not end any time soon. President Buhari on his defence on Wednesday presented a Cambridge Certificate with a typographical error. While Henry Adewunmi was being cross-examined by  […]

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Obasanjo’s Open Letter to Buhari

I am constrained to write to you this open letter. I decided to make it an open letter because the issue is very weighty and must be greatly worrisome to all concerned Nigerians and that […]

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As Igbos buy land and do Business in the North RUGA settlement should be allowed in the South

As Igbos buy land and settle in the North, RUGA should be allowed Twitter was set agog by a comment by one Abuldakldir Yusuf Kaita. In his comments, the Twitter user said ” If an […]

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