BBN Pepper Dem- Day 2 Dairy

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BBN Pepper Dem-Diary by Campusaga Media







The intrigues and plots have started in the BBN-Pepper Dem. Some housemates have started playing to the gallery whereas some others are still like the white hen that goes to a foreign land and preferred to stand with one leg till it acclimatizes with the environment.

Gedoni and Mercy were earlier on it. There is no special way of falling in love, the hugs are indications that we have to watch them as the game and drama unfolds.

Tacha’s skills as a social media influencer, You Tuber and entrepreneur will be tasted on winning more fans. She is likely going to be closer to Omashola in few days to come.

We need to see more of Omoshola to know if he really likes cooking or to attract attention.

Kimoprah, the beauty Queen has started making a mark. The first to win biggie’s vecto power game, the first in the house. Fan’s cherished her dress code as she entered the house yesterday. She was simply cute and outstanding.

Kimoprah opened up this morning that her dad is late, and recognized her mum.

Avala told housemates she had a five-year-old daughter, kept with the mum.

The housemates are enjoying the house already.