Osita Chidoka’s Quest for Education

Osita B Chidoka
Osita B Chidoka

Osita Chidoka always has good strategic initiatives. He has a masterly approach to issues of concern to society.

The quest for good and quality education is very important. No nation grows without quality education and knowledge.

Osita is embarking on self-imposed task for education in the South East. The strategic initiative he is using is approaching the Igbo Billionaires. He approaches them to start Secondary Schools, Polytechnics or University. He also begs them to either adopt existing ones for full funding.

One of those he has convinced fully is Prince Arthur Eze after five years of discussions.
In a write-up shared by Osita to his followers, he said, “Eze na Ukpo has committed to the University Project.”

Osita reveals that Arthur Eze believes that Keeping wealth is futility. This is why he keeps helping people.

Arthur Eze is a US-trained engineer. The University project he committed to start will have engineering school of world standard.

The former Corps Marshal of the Federal Road Safety Corps is hopeful to convince other Igbo billionaires in his self imposed task.

These are Osita’s propelling thoughts. “Education is the key to the future competitiveness of South East and Nigeria. Investing in education or subsidizing it for those who can’t afford it, is the best investment of all times.”

Osita Chidoka is a former minister of Aviation. He is liked by his fans for acumen and sharp ideas for the development of the Society.