Andy Ruiz Defeats Anthony Joshua by TKO to Clinch WBA, IBE, and WBO Heavyweight Championship Title

Andy Ruiz knocks down Anthony Joshua
Andy Ruiz knocks down Anthony Joshua

The World Boxing Association, International Boxing Federation, and World Boxing Organisation is with Andy Ruiz.

It was a gigantic upset during the heavyweight championship at Madison Square Square Garden in New York on June 1, 2019.

Andy Ruiz knocks down Anthony Joshua in the 7th round to win by TKO during their 12th -round WBA, IBE and WBO Heavyweight Championship.

The referee stopped the fight at 1:26 of the round after the fourth knockdown.

He knocks Joshua down twice in the third round and twice more in the seventh round. Whooping four times it was.

Ruiz has won four fights in a row. The graceful and elegant bearing Ruiz beefed up to 268 pounds compared to 250 for his most recent fight.

Joshua did not recover from the first knockdown early in the third round.

Andy Ruiz is from the US while Anthony Joshua is from England.