Abuja/Kaduna Expressway still a Deathtrap

The Abuja-Kaduna expressway is still a deathtrap as the unspeakable nightmares experienced by Nigerians along the road continues.

It is the son of Pastor Jeremiah Omolewa who escaped from the kidnappers and hoodlums on Tuesday that made this known.

According to the son, he said his mum was unconscious as the time of his escape. The father was dead already. It all started as a bad dream on Sunday evening.

Pastor Jeremiah Omolewa until his death on Sunday in the hands of the kidnapper was the Pastor of Winners’ Chapel in Kaduna.

After the Sunday service, he went to Abuja in the company of his wife and son. Travelling back to Kaduna in the evening they were stopped by hoodlums disguised to be uniform men.

The pastor obeyed and stopped, but his question when the hoodlums led them to the bush infuriated them. He was shot and subsequently cut at the chest with a knife.

The story of the road is already unbearable. It is regarded by pubic affair commentators as the most dangerous road in Africa. Nigerians are hoping on the government to provide adequate security along the road and make it safe for travellers.