America Created the Wuhan Coronavirus: Russians

In Russia, there has been speculation that the United States created and weaponized the Wuhan virus to stabilize China. Scientists in Russia believe that the Wuhan Coronavirus is a bioweapon created by America to enrich American Pharmaceutical companies.

In response, Russia has closed its land border with China in a bid to prevent the spread of the virus to the Russian population.

Many mainstream media houses have joined the debate as to the origin of the virus popularly referred to as 2019-nCoV. One of Russia media sources believe that America weaponized the virus to sabotage China.

As the debates rages on, Vladimir Putin will use the opportunity to continue to discredit the US in the region.

So far the virus has affected over 8,000 persons and has claimed 170 lives. Many wonder the origin of the virus as speculations arise that such a virus could have emanated from animals.

Did America Create the Coronavirus against China

According to the CnnMarkets Series of trade wars and tension between China and US has been happening in thw recent past. One can not rule out the possibility of America taking drastic measures to fight back on China.

According to Igor Nikulin, a former member of the U.N. Commission on Biological and Chemical Weapons,

It all looks like sabotage. First of all, this is the city of Wuhan – it’s the center of the country, a major transportation hub, plus now the Chinese New Year – hundreds of millions of Chinese will travel around the country to relatives, acquaintances, and so on.

Nikulin goes on to make an even more stunning (and perhaps implausible) suggestion — that American corporations may have created the Wuhan coronavirus to make money off a cure. 

He states:

It can be beneficial for American corporations that are developing these kinds of new diseases just for profit. Or maybe for the Americans themselves, because America is the only country that has 400 military biological laboratories around the world, not only around Russia but also around China, in Malaysia, in Indonesia, in the Philippines – the US military is everywhere.

Nikulin isn’t the only notable Russian spouting these extreme claims. Politicians are also using the opportunity to bash America. Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a leader of the Russian LDPR, has publicly stated that America could have caused the crisis to undermine Chinese economic power while making tons of money in the process.

He said:

Pharmacists will become billionaires in 2020, and everyone will quickly forget everything.

Some in China take these suggestions seriously. But according to Hu Xijin, an editor at the Global Times, most don’t believe it.