As Igbos buy land and do Business in the North RUGA settlement should be allowed in the South

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As Igbos buy land and settle in the North, RUGA should be allowed

Twitter was set agog by a comment by one Abuldakldir Yusuf Kaita.

In his comments, the Twitter user said ” If an IGBO can own a plaza in Kano, own shop and houses in Sokoto, Zamfara, Kebbi and Kastina, why Denying Fulanis to own RUGA in south. Are they not Nigerians”


Epic Replies

As Nigerians are not having it with Yusuf, he received the wrath of many Twitter users. One Aisha Yesufu fired a salvo to the unsuspecting Yusuf Kaita ” The :Igbo’ bought it. The ‘Igbo’ did not wait for government. Don’t bring ‘bambi Allah’ mentality to National discourse….”






Recall that the Federal Government recently pushed a policy to states to carve out thousands of hectares of land to be used for Fulanis settlement. Though the policy has been temporary suspended by the Buhari-led administration, a lot of prominent Nigerians are calling for total ban or drop of such policy. Citing possible conflicts it might trigger if allowed especially in hotspots of the federation.





























Even a former president, Olusegun Obasanjo has called Nigerians to stand against such an idea claiming it might lead to another civil war in the country.

As it stands, the Federal government is yet to conclude the RUGA which has elicited comments from some state Governors.

The Rivers state Governor, Nyesom Woke has severally stated categorically that the state does not have land for RUGA. He went further to suggest that the state has Bonny water that can be piped to the far North for cattle rearing.

Since the RUGA settlement agenda is yet to be achieved, Nigerians are skeptical that it can be resurrected some time in the future.