Babatunde Fashola and Reno Omokri Advise Nigerians to Pray less

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Babatunde Fashiola advises Nigerians to pray less and work harder for more confidence, while Reno Omokri says, Nigeria needs leadership, not more prayers.

While speaking on Hard Copy of the Channels Television, on Friday 25 October 2019, Fashola decried praying so much but work less.

” …I know that God says work and pray, but are we working?   So, we want to win a match, in a sporting event, we don’t prepare, we pray. No, it won’t happen. We want to make money, God didn’t make money, it is human beings who made money. It wasn’t part of creation on creation day. It is governments who made money, so don’t go and pray for money, go and work for money. … for God to do, but we haven’t done our own share. So when our children pass we thank God, when we build a house, we thank God, when we win a match, we thank God. When we do anything, in our daily conversation now, there is too much God. We should get to work. It is a mindset thing. In my view, it then doesn’t give you confidence that you actually achieved everything if everything was done by God…”

In a related tweet Sunday Morning,  Reno Omokri says in his twitter handle, @renoomokri, “Nigeria Senate President, Ahmad Lawan, says Nigeria needs prayers to overcome challenges. If prayers alone could develop a nation, Nigeria will be Earth’s greatest country. Nigeria needs LEADERSHIP, not more PRAYERS!”

Tweet from Reno Omokri