BBN Pepper Dem-Day 3 Dairy

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Head of the house emerged later last night, Jeff picked it with 7 votes.

The house wasn’t boring at all today. Pepper Dem is getting hot. Housemates are getting to know each other better.

Mike was the instructor for lady housemates in the morning fitness. Tacha may not be fit to participate in the morning fitness,  but later in the day, she was very fit bickering with Thelma over fish. Huh,  Bickering is part of the game. We will get to that.

Morning fitness made the guys show their body. It seems they are strong. Tuoyo moves around with pants while other housemates are dressing up in the rather unspacious wardrobe section of the house.

Seyi’s obtain by a Trick  (OBT)approach to Tach was noticed. We watch how he will get closer to Tacha, later.

Bickering is part of the game. Thelma had it hot with Tacha. It started with misunderstanding in the kitchen over fishes. They blew it hot on each other while housemates clam them down.

The endurance challenge came, Nelson won the last-man-standing while it was Ella for the last-Lady -standing as Isiliomo fell to men playing the devil in the game.

The lunch came and the audition story -time. How the mates made it to the house.

The announcement of Bet9ja coins, the housemates that gathers the highest number wins. Bet9ja is a proud sponsor of BBN Pepper Dem.

Frood’s pathetic story made him cry thereafter. Not man enough?

Stay tuned.