BBN Pepper Dem- Day 4 Dairy

The first Diary section with housemates playing Biggie and Housemates respectively were revealing moment. Housemates tried to speak their minds. However, Campusaga Media finds the combination of Jackye and Ella very interesting.

Probing questions of Jackye playing Biggie helped Ella to open up on some housemates.

Ella wants Thelma out of the house because she feels Ella is not being herself. Ella sees Thelma as not being consistent in character, pretending.

Ella has an eye on Mike if she has to choose a man in the house. Mike has been commended by other housemates too, like Diane. They basically see him as mature and plays the senior bros.

She, however, may not take Mike’s advances if he tries because Mike is married. She washed her hands off something that may break a bond because of three months reality show. We will keep this in view, the game just started and feelings are never separated from the reality show.

Kahfi is Ella’s favourite. She is the one she wouldn’t want her to be evicted because of being an interested character in the house.

Jackye wanted to know how Ella feels about her. Ella described Jackye as an interesting and strong character that believes in herself.

The intrigues and the games are getting stronger. Housemates are beginning to have their favourites.