BBNaija Lockdown: Know Me Session

BBNaija Lockdown housemates shared some of their life stories to fans on Tuesday afternoon. It was a moment of truth. Most of them were not economical with truth.

The highlights:

Erica left home at 19 years of age and never looked back.

Kiddwaya : feels taking your time to establish yourself is fine in life.

Prince had a love affair that lasted 2 years. Once Mr Nigeria.

Vee hasn’t given her heart to anyone for longer than six months. Signal to Eric that he has more work to do.

Laycon is a musician who, during the premiere of season five, used his own song as the soundtrack for his light filled entrance. He also has a deep love for Nina Simone. Laycon learnt that if money was no object, Eric would buy a basketball team.

Kaisha found it hard to believe that Trikytee is 35 years-old. Kaisha asked him repeatedly, and each time she believed him less. His youthful looks certainly had her fooled. She should have known there was no room for lying, one of the requirements for audition is international passport. DOB is a component. But age is a number.

Nengi let fan into some of the struggles she has faced, after losing both of her parents. She wished that she had the superpower of time travel so that she could see her parents just one last time.

Wathoni in return told Nengi that the reason she decided to enter Biggie’s House, was so that she could let the world know she exists. “The world needs to know that this girl exists,” shared Wathoni.

Brighto is multilingual and is able to speak Ibo, Hausa, and Yoruba.

Kaisha let it slip that she’s not as confident as she looks after struggling to take a compliment from Prince.

Praise said that he is engaged and has a child with his partner of four years. His fiance permitted him to “be bad when you have to to be bad” Confessed he is a perfect player in terms of relationship. Lilo may take dressing. Cuts a lot of onion while watching movies.

Ozo mentioned the importance of keeping a positive mind. This realization came to him after he lost his dream job as a Sports Administrator at the UEFA had to move back to Nigeria.

Lucy recorded first on screen tears as she shared the difficulties that she has experienced in her life thus far. Many Housemates got emotional with her story.

Ka3na held housemates spell bound. Started her business at age of 19 through several connections. Married a 64 year old British at 22 and tried to give him a child of a yr and seven months  through IVF. Confessed the husband was everything she needed in a man. He built the house the mother is presently staying with her child. Did I hear you say he dumped the man after 4 yrs,  to move on with her life, well you can’t be sure.. She is  into properties business, and now in Biggie’s house

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