BBNaija- Pepper Dem Fans May Disappoint Tacha and Mercy

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Do they say pride goes before failure? While the game of the reality show thickens, the projectile of high hopes of winning is inevitable. The duo of Tacha and Mercy are beginning to think that they are the favourites while the viewers are watching with different perception and values that will form their opinions for their last votes.

Some may consider the ability of a housemate to entertain viewers in the reality show, others may look at the resourcefulness of housemates. The value impacted by each of the housemates on the viewer is a strong reason for voting on the final day. The credibility of a housemate from the pool of these perceptions may make out a winner outside Tacha and Mercy.

Surviving several evictions may guarantee a housemate the opportunity to stay in the house till the last day, but cannot totally guarantee the winner for the above reason of why vote may swing.

While Mercy has bought immunity to reach the finals, Tacha has not known her fate despite the fact she has survived several evictions with the highest number of votes. Tacha is strongly embarking on such ground to pronounce herself a winner in the name of ” no leave, no transfer babe.