BBNaija- Pepper Dem: Monday Life Eviction Nomination by Housemates

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BBN Pepper Dem-Diary by Campusaga Media

Biggie made the game tougher and more interesting bringing back the traditional eviction nomination. Housemates use their discretion to determine who to put up for eviction.

While some go on a vendetta, others simply put up their enemies and the value-added selection of nominating a potential contender for the prize money. All make the reality show interesting and tougher.

It was 21 housemates that started the journey on June 30, 2019, for the prize money of sixty million naira. Later, the addition 5 housemates brought the number to a total of 26 housemates. Housemates evicted so far are 15 in number. Do you still remember them?

Roll Call of Evicted Housemates

Avala, Isilomo, Ella, Kimoprah, Jeff, Tuoyo, Thelma, Nelson, Joe,

Enkay, Gedoni, Jackye, Esther. Sir Dee, Venita

Eleven housemates are still in the house after Venita’s eviction on Sunday.   Monday Life Eviction nomination revealed more plots by members to pave the way.

How the housemates nominated

Seyi   – Khafi and Tacha

Diane – Omashola and Mike

Frood – Mike and Ike

Tacha – Seyi and Mike

Mike – Omashola and Tacha

Mercy – Omashola and Khafi

Elozonam – Frood and Tacha

Khafi – Seyi and Mercy

Omashola – Mercy and Tacha

Ike – Diane and Khafi

Cindy – Diane and Ike

Don’t wonder that Cindy was not mentioned by any housemates. She is the Head of House this week and therefore untouchable. Elozonam may have favoured by the benevolent spirit of the housemates

 Statistics For Monday Eviction Nomination

Tacha – 4

Khafi  -3

Mike – 3

Omashola -3

Seyi -2

Mercy 2

Diane -2

Ike – 2

Frood -1

Elozonam -0

Cindy – 0

Biggie selected those who had three nominations each for eviction on Sunday. They are





Omashola has veto power. Faced with the puzzle of whom to put up and save himself, he cast a lot and it falls on Seyi, who he claimed to be his good friend. Omashola expressed regrets but the reason he can’t quickly change it from his lot left many viewers of the reality show wondering if it was an eye service. Isn’t it a game? Seyi is a potential contender.

Housemates Up for Eviction on Sunday





It is quite interesting that most of the potential contenders are up for eviction. If Biggie decides on Sunday through the viewers’ votes that two out of the nominated housemates will go on Sunday, then other housemates must have done well for selves to eliminate potential contenders and boost the chances of winning the prize.