BBNaija Pepper Dem: The Other Sides of the Housemates

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Readers’ discretion is advised, the reality show is rated 18, and so is this diary. Quite interesting, but mind-blowing,  read on and don’t shout.

It was the moment of truth in the BBNaija Pepper Dem on Wednesday. Kiss, Marry, kill game took the reality show to the next level. Housemates revealed their other sides.

Mercy of the BBnaija Pepper them revealed to the fellow housemates during the game that she came into the BBNaija house with a vibrator. “Only my vibrator can make me cum”, Mercy further revealed. When the ball was thrown to her again, she said the crush of her life growing up is RMD.

When Tacha had the ball, she told fellow housemates that she had once faced the predicament of choosing who to follow between two brothers. Tacha said her first sex was boring as it lasted about 20 minutes. She didn’t enjoy it at all. Of course, you know in her viral video she had advised girls to have three boyfriends: One for real good sex, which she considers first if she will ever be in a relationship,  one as a backup and one as a financier. No wonder her first sex was boring. However, Tacha made her first million at 22. What of you that are good guys and gals?

Omashola in his funny style said he had wet dreams in the BBnaija house more than ever in his life. During Omashola’s first sex, he was acting a pro because her girl was a virgin. Do you know that Omashola had once preached in a bus on the way back home from school? Omashola had been a smoker for the past 20 years.

The loud-mouthed Frodd said his first kiss to a girl was under the staircase of his church, and until 14 years, he never stopped peeing on bed. When the ball got to him again, Frodd said he had his first sex at 22 but masturbated at 18 without being touched. Frodd was not done, ball at hand, “I had a threesome with two sisters, and it was their decision. It may seem quite unbelievable but Frodd attended four primary schools and two universities.

The ball got to Seyi severally. He lost his virginity to another lady instead of the girlfriend. Seyi had sex with two sisters, one in the main house and the other at the incompleted building opposite the main house.

The other side of the housemates continued. Elozona had the ball many times and had these to say. “I lost my virginity wearing two condoms and had once bumped on dad on top of mum in their room”. Did you ask if he drank rum? Know also that Elozona is still struggling with his Christian faith. In a Rambo style of those days, Elozona said he had once driven from Ikeja to Yaba in 5 minutes. ” Speedometer got red and I also got red.”  This revelation should surely earn him a flying ticket from the Federal Road Safety Corps when he is out of the house.

Khafi said she lost her virginity at 19. But it was quite a surprise that she said she stayed a celibate for 8years after changing her faith to Christianity.

Daine had a birthmark at her back and was baptised in 2011 but it was a shock to the housemates as she revealed that she, Thelma and Esther had once soiled in the house.

Mike, Ike and Cindy were economical with truth during the moment of truth. They played the good guys in the house.

The game was over when Frood insisted on knowing if Cindy had ever watched an adult movie and if she had, did it make her finger herself.

Cindy flared on Frodd insistent to know such a secret part of her life. To many, open secret should be as untouchable as it is. Frodd should have known that and allow the game to continue.

These were the other sides of your favourite housemates.