Beirut Explosion: Bashir Ahmad comes under heat as he expresses remorse for the victims

Following a viral tweet by the Personal Assistant to President Buhari, Mallam Bashir Ahmad expressing remorse on the victims of the explosion in Beirut, Nigerians have reacted negatively to his comments.

 It’s hard to believe the footages coming out from Beirut, Lebanon this evening, I have never seen scenes as horrific as those footages, my heart so shattered. My thoughts and prayers go to all families affected by the explosion.

However, Nigerians on twitter could not take it as they expressed their dissatisfaction over such a comment emanating from the presidency. This is coming days after series of attacks have been happening in the Southern Kaduna region of the nation.



Several Nigerians expressed shock over the stark negligence of such attacks which have claimed hundreds of lives of innocent Nigerians while being disturbed over the sudden expression of remorse by the presidential aid.

Recall that yesterday, a heavy explosion in the magnitude of near nuclear explosion rocked the city of Beirut shattering buildings several miles away. Speculations have it that such explosion were due to imported explosives which have been left fallow for years. Further details are to be unravelled as to the cause of the detonation.

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