Full Retrospect of Big Brother Naija Season 4 – Pepper Dem

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Big Brother Naija is a reality show. The type of television program in Nigeria that aims to show how ordinary Nigeria youths behave in everyday life, or in situations, often created by the program makers, which are intended to represent everyday life. It is often too demanding on the contestants, and at the end, the winner takes it all.


The essence of the reality show include the following:

  • It is a game
  • Chance to show Talent
  • It encourages change and motivates contestants to discover themselves more.
  • It is also designed to showcase value orientation among the youths
  • It raises models among the youths
  • Changes the financial and future lives of the participants

Big Brother Naija season 4 tagged “Pepper Dem” started on June 30, 2019, and 20 housemates came into the house in gangs of three, and with the introduction of 5 housemates later, Pepper Dem has 25 housemates in chase of the 60 million naira worth of prizes. This was to be chased for 99 days.


Avala, Isilomo, Ella, Kimoprah, Nelson, Thelma, Jeff, Joe, Emkay, Gedoni, Jackye, Esther, Sir Dee, Venita, Kahfi, Cindy, Tacha, Elozonam, Ike, Diane, Seyi, Omashola, Frodd,  Mike and Mercy.

The above list also represents the order of eviction and lastly the last person standing: Mercy for the win.


Season 4 is uniquely unique because it is the first time the reality show is hosted in Nigeria: Lagos. Participation included Nigerian youths in diaspora: Mike, Khafi and Ike, and there was more to the prize money. In season 4, Big Brother Naija recorded over 240 million votes, and in the last week alone had over 50 million votes for the finalists.


The program makers had a very nice script and plot. The eviction by competencies of housemates in tasks is value added to the reality show. Then comes the variety of the eviction nomination where the gang up may put one to eviction. Tacha suffered from the gang up and nicknamed herself, “No leave, No Transfer” as several nominations could not see her off the house. Adequate preparations before the show: building up a strong team could make a housemate stay long and even the winner. The script and plots helped to expose the weaknesses of each housemate for fans to decide who was the best. The housemates enjoy Saturday night parties

The task and other methods of nomination make it that a housemate cannot be totally shielded from eviction, and of course, Esther and Jackye were victims of such. The first time they were up for eviction was the end of their stay in the house.

From the script and plots, housemates stand the chance of either exposing selves to the liking of the fans or are disliked.


They were designed to measure the competence of the housemates, Talented ones were always rewarded thereby encourage hard work among the youths. Housemates that benefited from hard work included: Jackye, Khafi, Omashola, Seyi, Mike and of course Mercy.  As well they were quite entertaining and promote several values and culture in Nigeria. Values and Business promotions were not left out as made brand names sponsored most of the games.


Male and female housemates interact freely as there were no separate rooms for the male and female. Affections were sparked and many housemates fell in love: Mercy and Ike, Khafi and Gedoni, Esther and Nelson and later Frodd, Diane and Elozonam. There are other affections that were not pronounced especially by careful housemates like Seyi, Omashola, Sir Dee.

Season 4 may produce a family notably in the hands of Mercy and Ike, as it was in season 3 for Bam Bam and Teddy A.

Fighting and quarrelling are part of human life and games.  Almost inevitable. So it was in the house. Fans saw Tacha and Thelma, Esther and Thelma, Frodd and Nelson, Omashola and Sir Dee, Tacha and frodd, Tacha and Diane, Tacha and Mercy, and so many others.



One week to the 99 days, five housemates become the finalists: Seyi, Omashola, Frodd, Mike and Mercy. Tensions and expectations built upon who goes with the money. Big Brother did not relent to dowse the tension. Many celebrities visited the house to felicitate with the finalists.

Earlier, Sunday evening, Tiwa Savage and M.I entered the Big brother house to encourage the housemates.  They urged them to go out there and conquer. She advised them to be positively aggressive. Later was the congratulatory message and advice from Big Brother.

It was the eviction time according to how fans have voted for a winner to emerge. Seyi was first to be eliminated from the house followed by Omashola.

Tension gripped the three finalists after Omashola was eliminated. Mike was very optimistic about winning the coveted prize as well as Mercy. Frodd shared a dream about being in the midst of very rich guys. Mercy was seen praying to emerge the winner. Mike and Frodd boozed enough to calm the tension in their nerves. Later Frodd was evicted,


Who becomes the winner between Mike and Mercy was to be pronounced at the stage. There was light out in the BBNaija Season 4- Pepper Dem. Mike and Mercy left the house to the stage.


It was 60 million naira worth of prizes, all for the winner.


30 million naira cash prize

G8 SUV from Innoson Motors valued at 25 million naira

Dubai trip by Travelbeta

Electronic home makeover by Scanfrost

One year free supply of refreshing Pepsi

Indomie noddles crunching munch it for 1 year

New Oppo mobile phone

Two VIP Ticket to watch European football final game- courtesy of Bet9ja.

Branding right of the Pepper Dem Season


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