Biggie Rated Housemates Low on House Rules and Thursday Night Drama Presentation

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Deciding the direction of the play was difficult by the housemates by Thursday morning. However, Omashola’s proactiveness and stepping in to be the director and coordinator helped a lot to decide the play. Subsequently, housemates took it seriously and rehearsed in groups to have something interesting to present.

Omashola was the director and narrator. Trying to interpret his monkey costume in the course of the play made him eat banana in between narrations.

Scene 1

The voice-over by Jackie and Frood was fantastic, humorous and very ok. Tuoyo and Mercy in love in the scene were on top of the role while Kimoprah that acted Mercy’s dog put up the best performance in the scene.

Scene 2

Esther acted as Sir Dee’s Secretary. Sir Dee wants to have his secretary and wouldn’t mind her coming over to his house to complete official work. Esther, the secretary didn’t like that but has to go. Sir Dee admired her a lot before his pet acted by Seyi came hopping around. The voice-over was by Mike and Khafi

Scene 3

Slay queens were seen planning their deals.  Tacha, Thelma and  Nelson playing a lady role were the queens. Esther acted as Thelma’s pet. Diane was confused to slay queen and cried in regret.

Scene 4

Seyi takes hemp and a chicken (Mercy) that entered his house looked like a lion to him. By the time his girlfriend (Khafi ) was there,  he did not recognize her as well. Voice- over by Gidoni

Scene 5

Ike claims to be a yahoo boy who is still struggling to make it.  Esther and Ella acted his girlfriends who thought he has money. While they were enjoying his company, his friend (Frood) enters. He’s a poor guy who had come to seek his friend’s help. The two girls prayed that Ike ignores his request so as to have enough to give them. The voice-over revealed that Ike is also struggling to survive and living a fake life, flexing. The money on him is just N1500.  Voice-over by Jeff and Jackie.

Scene 6

Tacha enters as a blogger on social media. People’s reaction to her blogs always put her off.  She knew some wished her dead and she decided to take a fake poison to act their impossible wish. When they thought she is dead, she was alive to twerk, enjoying her life.

Scene 7

Sir Dee enters as Hausa boy that sells fast food (indomie). Two friends Seyi and Frood who were struggling for survival get bet9ja tips from him, and they are off to book a bet.

The entire drama is an advice to take life easy no matter the situation, and housemates conveyed that more in a song with the title ” take am jejee” as they end the drama.

However, Campusaga Media is against fronting costumes in the drama by housemates as advised by Biggie. That didn’t add much life to the play.

Finally, Biggie was not happy with housemates. Thelma, Sir Dee, Jeff, and Diane violated the house rule by speaking vernacular.

Bigge was not totally disappointed with the presentation but expected them to do much more next time.  Biggie frowned at some housemates struggling to obey and adhere to a simple instruction.

Biggie also noted that some housemates discuss diary room section with other housemates, and that portrays no respect for Big Brother. Big Brother was not happy that some housemates play to the gallery, showing what they think the viewers may like about them.

They finally lost their wager, and as well indebted to Biggie. Housemates left the arena totally disappointed.

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