Boris Johnson sent a request to the EU without his signatures

Boris Johnson

The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has sent a request to the EU for a delay in brexit without appending his signatures.  In a second letter signed by Johnson, he stated that a delay would be a mistake. Johnson yesterday stated to the UK Parliament that a delay on brexit will put at risk all UK businesses and economy.

Mr. Johnson lost a Commons vote and therefore is required by law to seek extension beyond the october 31st Deadline. According to Jeremy Corbyn, opposition Labour leader “Today I told the Prime Minister to obey the law and despite his petulant posturing and bluster he finally has – he’s asked for an extension. His damaging deal was defeated today.”

Opposition MPs have stated that if Mr. Johnson tries to circumvent their order, he would meet them at the law courts. Mr Johnson previously said he would “rather be dead in a ditch” than ask the EU to delay Brexit, and the UK would leave on 31 October “do or die”.

The EU President confirms the receipt of the request letter and would consult EU leaders on ‘how to react’.

Mr. Johnson after losing a crunch vote on a marathon saturday session ordered a senior diplomat to send an unsigned photocopy of the request for a delay, which was forced on him by MPs last month.

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According to the BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg   who described the decision to send three documents as “controversial”, predicting “there will be a fight about whether Boris Johnson is trying to circumvent the court”.

“This is heading straight for the court, and it may very quickly end up in the Supreme Court,” she added.

However, Mr. Johnson dialed the EU council president, Mr. Tusk to restate that the second letter is “parliament’s letter” and not his letter.