Cambridge Certificate Presented by President Buhari Has a Typographical Error

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The certificate saga for President Muhammad Buhari may not end any time soon. President Buhari on his defence on Wednesday presented a Cambridge Certificate with a typographical error.

While Henry Adewunmi was being cross-examined by  Livy Uzokwe, the counsel of the People’s Democratic Party, Henry noted that the certificate presented to the tribunal has a typographical error.

The Cambridge Certificate has ” Mohamed Buhari” instead of “Muhammadu Buhari”. Muhammadu Buhari is the name of Nigeria’s President accused by the opposition of not having a senior school certificate.

The Peoples Democratic Party and Atiku accused Buhari of not having the requisite qualification to hold the highest office in Nigeria.

Henry Adewunmi, the witness is the former deputy registrar of the West African Examination Council (WAEC) and a witness called to the stand by Wole Olanipekun, the Buhari’s counsel.

However, the Cambridge certificate with typographical error on Muhammadu Buhari’s name is with the following result:

Oral English – C5

History – A3

Geography – C6

Hausa – C5

Health Science – C6

The witness further said Muhammadu Buhari registered for eight subjects for the examination and passed five subjects. He sat for the examination in 1961.