Chaos at Trump’s Impeachment Inquiry

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Chants of “Let us in” by a group of Republican members of the House of Representatives led to chaos at the Sensitive Compartmented information facilities (SCIFs).  This was at a time  Laura Cooper, a top Pentagon official who oversees Ukraine policy was preparing to testify. This reportedly caused House Democrats to end the hearing.

Andy Biggs, a Republican congressman who tweeted from Adam Schiff’s chamber accused democrats of conducting a ‘Soviet-style” impeachment inquiry and demanded the testimony be made available to all lawmakers. The group of Republicans remained in the hearing room into the early afternoon. They even ordered pizza and fast food.

The investigation is on a report of Trump withholding military aid and a meeting at White House for Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy in domestic US Politics.

Bill Taylors, the most senior US diplomat in Kyiv had on Tuesday testified for long hours before House Investigators. In his lengthy opening account, Taylor said, Trump wanted, “everything” including military aid to Ukraine, tied to a commitment by Ukrainian leaders to investigate Democrats and the 2016 election plus a company linked to the family of Trump’s leading 2020 Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

Taylor said Trump wanted Zelenskiy, the president of Ukraine “in a public box” by making a public statement about ordering such investigations.”