Chibuihe Obi Achimba Returned the 2017 Brittle Paper Award

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Chibuihe Obi Achimba has returned the 2017 Brittle Paper Award because of a moral compromise. He announced this in his twitter handle on April 15, 2020.


What has gone sour with the announcement Sunday Times book made on October 24, 2017, is the question a book lover may ask without reading his tweet above.

Lest you don’t know, Brittle Papers would say, “the Brittle Paper Literary Awards is our way of recognizing the finest, original pieces of literature by Africans available online for free.”

“The awards are usually in five categories—Fiction ($200), Poetry ($200), Creative Nonfiction/Memoir ($200), Essays/Think Pieces ($200), and the Anniversary Award ($300) for writing published by us—reflect our efforts to capture the range and variations of literary dialogue on the continent.”

Chibuihe was the 2017 winner of the Brittle Paper  Anniversary Award with the cash prize of $300.

He had been commended by many for returning the award.

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