China Set to Help Pakistan Fight Locust With “Duck Army”

China is set to help Pakistan fight locust with “Duck Army”. Locust is a specie of tropical grasshopper with strong powers of flight. Locust is usually solitary, but from time to time, there is population explosion and it migrates in vast swarm , and their damage to plant is quite collosal


Pakistan was invaded by the locust swarm last year, which proceeded to lay waste to the country’s cotton crop and is now menacing the wheat harvest.
China deployed ducks, whose natural diet includes insects, to fight a similar infestation in its northwestern region of Xinjiang two decades ago, reportedly with considerable effectiveness.

Zhejiang Provioncial Institute of Agricultural Technology researcher Lu Lizhi said their use is considered both much less expensive and environmentally damaging than the use of pesticides.
There are other poultry than can fight the locust menace but Lu said Ducks are more suited to the task than other poultry, such as chickens.
“Ducks like to stay in a group, so they are easier to manage than chickens. A duck is also capable of eating more than 200 locusts per day, compared to just 70 for a chicken. They have three-times the combat capability,” Lu said.