Complacency Kicks Barcelona out of Champions League Final

“We’re the Mighty Liverpool” was on a long banner hoisted at the  Anfield before the match started. When the last whistle blew, they were indeed the Mighty Liverpool. Nobody would have believed Liverpool will make it to the Champions League final tonight.  The first leg ended 3-0 at Camp Nou, and was 0-3 aggregate before the match started. It seemed an easy ride for Barcelona.  The minds of Barcelona players were already made that they needed fewer efforts to qualify.

Salla and Firmino, the two key players for Liverpool were ruled out by injuries.  Joggen Klopp has proven tonight that Liverpool is a complete team.   Divock Origi and Wijnaldum who came in for Robertson found the net twice each to prove it. Liverpool was quite alert for the game. Alexander Arnold’s trick before the corner kick at 78th minutes made way for Origi to kill the match for Liverpool. Barcelona player couldn’t believe it was a goal.

The match statistics proved that Complacency kicked Barcelona out the champions league final. Barcelona had the possession, but playing without scoring is dancing.  Total shot on target for Liverpool is 7 while Barca has 5. Four goals were superbly scored by Liverpool. Quite disappointing Barcelona was eliminated again in the second leg just like at Roma last season. Barcelona lost 3-0 to go out on away goal after a 4-1 win.

Messi was caged by good markings and tackles while Liverpool dominates the game. Ernesto Valverde must be angry with his side. Barcelona made a lot of schoolboys’ error before the net tonight. There was not much commitment by Barcelona players even when Liverpool levels the aggregate. There was indeed lack of commitment.

Firmno and Salla were very happy that a Liverpool team without the both of them beat Barca 4-0 to qualify for the final.  They will indeed be fit and ready for the final.