COVID 19 and Current Realities

The year 2020 will go down in history as the COVID 19 year. People have had their lives disrupted owing to the pandemic.

Businesses and schools have been disrupted. While some have been thrown into abject poverty from which they may most likely never recover others have become wealthier owing to the pandemic because of their access to the means to acquire more.

Governments the world over never anticipated the virus and the damage it has wrought. What is of note it the effort put into trying to recover their economies from further slipping to the doldrums.

While governments in some parts of the world have given stimulus packages to put their economies on the path of recovery some have left theirs to self-recover.

Social media played a major role in information dissemination especially for those who have access to the internet. Information technology has become a veritable tool to make life easier for the world’s citizenry owing to the potpourri of information at our finger tips.

We have been inundated with information of the attempt at hacking into the servers of research centres in Britain and other western countries by China and Russia ostensibly to steal information on vaccines.

The accusation are not new, in any way owing to the fact that the united states is still embroiled in the accusation that President Trump was helped into the White House through the hacking prowess of the Russians. The knowledge of information technology and its deployment is indeed one of the hallmark of the present century as it is no gainsaying that our lives has been shaped by information technology and social media.

One begins to wonder what would have happened without information technology in the face of the pandemic owing to the shortcomings noticed in traditional media owing to its reach.

It is no longer news that the world’s economy has been impacted with many losing their source of livelihood owing to the lockdown and restriction of movement  occasioned by the pandemic. With the protocols to physical and social distance many are driven to poverty because their source of livelihood depends on interaction with people.  They are thus driven closer to the precipice and are most likely to be toppled into the abyss with little or no hope of recovery.

The most vulnerable have however, damning all consequences as relates to the pandemic decided to survive in all ways possible even through hustling, in the Nigeria context which could mean many things ranging from prostitution to outright stealing.

The pandemic has made people to be more cautions by observing personal hygiene through the use of disinfectants and sanitisers. Many of us have been inundated with health related lexicons.  We are now aware of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), infrared thermometer, social distancing and a whole lot of medical jargons.

It is however interesting to note that there were shortages of these important equipment at the onset of the pandemic. These shortages have been overcome with the production of these equipment and gadgets to meet the demand. The availability of this important equipment and the associated awareness may be our saving grace yet.

Humans have always survived the worst of any situation. This will be no different. We have always come out tops in any war with nature. yours sincerely hopes this will be no different.

The corona virus has not just been bad news. There is a heart-warming event as a result of the pandemic owing to the restriction in movement. The restriction has led to the reduced emission of fossil fuel and its associated climate warming and decimation of the ozone layer. The world is healing itself owing to the reduced movement.  With the high reduction in vehicular use and its associated carbon emission, the climate is better for it. But, alas, it is not yet uhuru for the environment. The recent increases in the production of protective equipment that are mainly disposable have implications for the environment because they are not biodegradable. Most of the protective equipment are plastic ranging from the face cover, to the disposable hand gloves and even the containers housing the hand sanitisers. We have on our hands another environmental challenge owing to the disposal of the equipment after use.

The world would have to worry about this problem. After all life is about problem solving.

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