COVID-19 Lockdown in Anambra May Entrap Many in Villages

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The second surge of COVID-19 is a concern around the globe. Measures for preventions of spread are strictly advised but not many had taken it seriously. Anambra is one of the states in Nigeria where the incidence cases have risen to an average of 40 cases per week.

There are 80 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the state since the second wave began two weeks ago. The sharp rise raised a serious concern to the state government. The state used to record nine cases per week on average in the first wave.

According to the state government, the rise may have been caused by Christmas and New Year festivities because of millions of people coming into Anambra State from different parts of the country and beyond. The state government is intensifying advisories on how to contain the second wave of the pandemic in the state. A source close to the state government says lockdown is being considered by Governor Obiano. The source feared that lockdown anytime soon may entrap many who are yet to travel back from their villages after Christmas and new year..

The commissioner for public enlightenment, C-Don Adinuba in a statement on Thursday expressed fear on the surge of COVID -19 across Anambra State. He stressed on the urgent need to arrest the spread of COVID -19 in the state or it will produce a catastrophic result in the near future.




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