COVID-19: The Challenges of the Pandemic and Audio Charity

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The challenges of the pandemic and audio charity brought the nature of man to the limelight. The recent upsurge in reported cases of the coronavirus has brought out the true nature of our humanity. Naturally, human beings are concerned with protecting their interest and projecting themselves in a good light. Self-protection is what made man survive from the hunter-gatherer state to date. In a bid to survive,  man stores away food and essentials. However, a man also tries to show the good side by giving to the less privileged. The work of charity,  giving to the less privilege makes a man feel good. The praises in return, prayers and expectation of God’s rewards add to a man’s pleasure when he gives.
Man essentially tries at all cost to protect their lives and what belongs to him. That is to say, a man gravitates towards what he has and protects it at all times.  Man abhors pains and gravitates towards whatever will give him joy, and such ultimately translates into pleasure. The heaven of pleasure here on earth compels man to work assiduously towards inheriting the many mansions in his father’s house or being gifted with beautiful virgins for the goodness done.
Humanity would have been done for if there was no reward for living a good life here on earth. Loving thy neighbour would have fallen on deaf ears if there are no expectations of heavenly reward. The milk of human kindness that we experience from our fellow man would literally dry off. Man is thus an animal that is always on the lookout for a reward all the time whether on earth or in the hereafter.
Most of the religion preaches being good to thy neighbour and giving to the less privileged. Man is even inundated with preachers who show their best through giving to the less privileged on social media and other platforms.
From the cradle, it was hammered into man’s head and heart that goodness has its reward. Giving was glorified as being virtues that would benefit humanity.  Man was raised to believe that acts of goodness have its reward, not only in the hereafter but here on earth.
The belief that acts of goodness beget reward made it become second nature to man.  Man can most times only adhere to these tenets at a time of peace or in the absence of crises. This has manifested in the recent coronavirus which saw our true being lay bare. The man on the street saw it as an opportunity to cash in on the pandemic. Prices of essential commodities rose astronomically shooting out of the roof beyond the reach of the common man. What is surprising is the fact that the commodities which prices raised had no connection to the pandemic. Man being man had to cash in on the situation especially the man of the Nigerian stock.
It should not be a source for worry that humanity has lost its kindness at this trying period owing to the pandemic because at the end of the day we are only playing true to type. We have to, first of all, survive before we can save others. This is how man was wired at creation, to look out for himself and what belongs to him. Man thus necessarily is a being that seeks to protect what belongs to him. We have seen its manifestation in the order by governments in most parts of the world for people to self-isolate and observe social distancing. It dovetails to the fact that man has to protect himself in order to survive.
Coming home, the pandemic revealed our true nature as most persons took advantage of the challenge to the detriment of others. There were hikes in the prices of essential commodities which had no bearing to the pandemic. It reflects the nature of man, especially the Nigerian man (man as in all humans). It has revealed our true nature, that we take advantage of every situation to cash in. we have noticed that in other parts of the world, citizens are giving out to the less privileged. We have also seen Nigerians on social media giving out in order to get clout. This should be a time for giving quietly so that nobody knows. We should all heed to the holy book which advocates that when we give with our right, the left hand should not know so that the father who is heaven who sees in secret places can reward us.
The pandemic has shown a lot about us a people. The rich and audio givers have shown their generosity on social media by displaying it for the world to see. While many Nigerians, true to type have not missed out on the opportunity to get something from the givers. The funny aspect is that some of the givers have come online to ask people to send names of needy persons to them so that they can give. One begins to wonder if these set of givers dropped from Mars because the poor are living all around us. They definitely do not need anyone to show them where the poor live. The good feeling we get is associated with the brain as it gives pleasure by giving a warm feeling. Giving is good but it looks like playing to the gallery when you give for the simple reason that you want praises.
Africans have been known to be their brother’s keeper, and we should continue that way. It goes against the grain when we pander to the camera, or to the social media attention. The act of giving which was ingrained from the cradle to assist the less privilege should manifest at this time. Most Nigerians have been taken by surprise, as it were, by the pandemic and the associated shutdown. They will definitely need our help. This is no time for audio giving which has become the trend in our society. Many on social media promise donations and giveaways which they do not intend to honour. They mostly want to trend and have many followers. At a period like this, we should be men of honour and assist. Giving assistance to the less privilege is what would save humanity from extinction. As the good book said: Blessed is the hand that giveth….


  1. This is superb.
    Everyone has a role to play in the eradication of COVID-19. The greatest role is the charity that can be given by both the poor and the rich alike, which is adherance to the simple preventive measures. Wash and sanitize your hands, disinfect shared accessories, keep social distance, don’t get infected and don’t spread the virus. If we adhere to the health experts advice on the pandemic, we would have given greatest charity to the whole world.
    Let’s kill this virus.

  2. Charity is an act that cannot be over flogged.

    There is no gainsaying that it is expedient to extend arms to the have-nots in our society; especially now that the world is faced with one of the incidents of mass trauma – Covid 19, but when it becomes a laudatory giving (simply put), then it has lost its value. It is no longer charity but a good deed done for some type of selfish reasons.

    Charity according to Christianity is the highest form of show of love. Let’s see Jesus as an example.

    Charity should not be done out of compulsion or show-off just as it is done by many especially the bourgeois in our time. It is better done unannounced.

    In a nutshell, I see audio giving as a platform for Showcase and also, a contradiction to the Holy Bible. Matthew 6:3

    I am really in love with this article because it has helped unfold a reality check. Thank you sir.

  3. Amazing!!! Interestingly this write-up breaks down the true principle of giving that the Bible teaches and which men had romanced or deny for long. But I must say men where not wired that way because everything was provided by the Supreme Being from the beginning of man existence. It all began When men came in contact with sin (Satan), a lot change and was removed from them which has made man vulnerable to deception, profoundly immoral and wicked. This has giving birth to war. The intinct of man is now survival. For the meaning of man’s birth to be seen we have to go back to the Main Source.
    Thank you sir for this.

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