COVID-19: The US is Willing to Issue Work Visas to Doctors and Nurses Around the World

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The United States is willing to issue work visas to doctors and nurses around the world. This is part of the measures to strengthen the health system to contain COVID-19 in the country.

Willing Medical professionals were asked to apply for work visas at the nearest US Embassy. Also, the government in a statement published on Friday advised foreign medical professionals already working the US to negotiate with their sponsor on a programme extension.

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“We encourage medical professionals seeking to work in the United States on a work or exchange visitor, particularly those working to treat or mitigate the effect of COVID-19 to reach out to the nearest embassy or consulate to request a visa appointment.

“For those foreign medical professionals already working in the United States, J-1 Allien Physicians (Medical residents) may consult with their programme sponsors, ECFMG, to extend their programme in the United States. Generally,  a J-1 programme for a foreign medical resident can be extended one year at a time for up to seven years.”

WHO update for COVID-19 on Friday, 63, 570 people were infected with the virus and 884 people dead. This leaves the US to become the epicentre of the pandemic.

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