Disqualified Tacha Saved with 41.66% Votes for the Last Sunday’s Eviction

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Disqualified Tacha was saved with 41.66% votes for the Last Sunday’s Eviction. Statistic of the BBNaija -Pepper Dem fans’ vote shows that Tacha would have justified her ” No Leave, No Transfer,” if not for her disqualification. A margin of 15.04% votes between hers and the second position Mike’s.






How fans voted

Tacha – 41.66%

Mike – 26.64%

Ike – 18.90%

Elozonam – 7.15%

Cindy – 5.65%

No wonder she was “No leave, No Transfer”, but for her carelessness.

Tacha was disqualified with three strikes she earned on Friday following her fight with Mercy.

Before her disqualification on Friday, Ebuka and Deloitte Auditor walked into the Big Brother House to evict Cindy with the smallest number of votes cast. It was indeed a surprised Friday eviction. show.

Elozonam, Ike and Mike were remaining out of the five housemates nominated with Frodd’s Ultimate veto power. Mike survived it, Elozonam and Ike were evicted according to the votes on Sunday.

Mike is indeed lucky. If the initial plan of Big Brother was to evict four of the housemates nominated and leave one on Sunday, Mike would have been evicted , and Tacha would have justified her ” No Leave, No Transfer.”


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  1. Quite unfortunate she didn’t understand the biblical teaching of *Those who humbled themselves shall be exalted but those who exalts themselves shall be humbled* thus says thy Lord of Host… Is a very Big lesson from Tacha, meanwhile, I wish her well in all her endeavors. because of her personal self-worth, she Will still break jinxes.

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