Dr King and Kano’ s COVID- 19 First Index Case


King, in a Facebook post on Thursday, narrated how the index case arrived at the hospital and was later taken for isolation by security agents.

The Kano-based doctor explained that the patient had wilfully withheld information about his recent travel history and COVID-19 test, He added that the index case had attended several public events.

According to him, the index case visited the hospital on April 10 with complaints of fever and general body weakness, mouth dryness and loss of appetite.

He said, “It was unknown to us that he was alleged to have travelled abroad too before returning to my resident state (Kano) via Abuja, travelling by road. While travelling by road, he stayed briefly in Kaduna before arriving in my resident state on March 25, 2020.

“He denied all this travel history to us. He also denied having the pertinent coronavirus symptoms; breathlessness and cough. He hid the fact that he had been to several medical outlets since his return to the state.

“And importantly, he did not provide information that his samples were taken by the NCDC for COVID-19 testing before coming to us.”

King added that the patient claimed to have felt ill for a few days but denied symptoms of cough, breathlessness or palpitations.

“Of course, he denied all the above in order for him to have our medical care. Putting us all and many others at high risk of the novel pandemic. Many other medical questions were asked and documented.

“He was further evaluated, examined and admitted into a private room upstairs on Friday 10th, April 2020  about 7 pm by my boss. He had contact with two doctors (my boss and me), three nurses and one non-medical member of staff.

“We also learnt that, during his illness, before coming to us, he was attending Friday mosque prayers, naming ceremonies and other gatherings.

“The following day, health officials with massive police presence staged a “Nollywood-like dramatic entrance into our hospital. The officials told us that we had a man in our facility that had just tested positive for COVID-19. There was an order from the governor of the state to lock down the hospital immediately to prevent further spread.

“The patient was whisked away to a quarantine centre on the outskirts of the state. We were placed in isolation too in our hospital facility. Samples were taken from our staff for COVID-19 testing.

“For many days, we could not physically reach our families or anyone. At last, the results came out yesterday afternoon, April 15, 2020 and it was negative for all of us. We are yet to be released from Isolation.”


The ugly orientation is inimical to the fight against the spread

There are more cases of those infected that had been tested

The spread therefore, may worsen than expected

This can make the  government extend the lockdown

Suffering and challenges of the pandemic may escalate unimaginably

More cases of death may be recorded for failure by some infected to submit self for treatment on time


Please let us observe all the NCDC’s protocol as help to ourselves and contribute to the fight against the spread of COVID-19 in Nigeria.

Despite the untold hardship, we should try and observe the precautionary measures for we cannot know who had been infected.

It is better to defeat the spread on time than allowing it for a protracted period.

Stay home, stay safe and pray for end of the pandemic.

-Campusaga Media

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