Emir Sanusi Reveals Real Reasons for Division of Kano Emirate by Ganduje

Sanusi and Ganduje
Sanusi and Ganduje

Abdullahi Ganduje, the governor of Kano state signed division of Kano emirate council into five on Wednesday, May 8, 2019.

The law created four new traditional institutions and emirate councils. Each of the emirate council has a substantive first-class title of Emir. They are Gaya, Karaye, Rano Bichi emirate councils. While Kano and Rano emirate council has 10 local government areas, Bichi has 9, Gaya  8 and Karaye has six.

The Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje appointed heads of new Emirates with same first-class status as Emir Muhammad Sanusi II, despite a court order not to do so.

Emir Sanusi was silent on the development but later spoke at last. The Emir revealed that the Kano governor approached him to assist in manipulating the 2019 elections in the state which he declined. He noted that he never insulted the north with his lamentation of rising poverty in the north.

“The whole drama is about 2019 elections. Ganduje has begged me with money to help him subvert the will of the people by rigging the election but I declined.”

“I never insulted Northern people. I said the poverty levels in the north are among the highest in the world. How does that become insulting people?”

“I also said it is fine to build light rails but, please, let the private sector do it. And don’t borrow N800 billion to build N10km of urban rail. I did not abuse anyone or call any name or insult anyone.”

“I said the FG is spending 66% of its revenue on interest payment, quoting the IMF article IV., and when you are in a debt hole this big, you don’t dig. States have just been bailed out of debt by CBN. They should not be pilling more debt for future generations. Their resources should be for education and health. Where in this did I insult either politicians or the people?”

“I have reflected over and over on my speech and I still don’t see what I said that is so wrong and offensive. I didn’t say the North cannot survive as a country. After all, Niger Republic is there with some help from Paris. I didn’t say that the North in the past had no glory. I know it has a rich history. I didn’t say the North cannot be rich and better. In fact, I think it can and it is a disgrace we are where we are.”

Campusaga media gathered that Kano kingmakers have hired 7 SANs and 17 lawyers to challenge Ganduje and Kano State House of Assembly for decentralisation of Kano Emirate Council.