EPL: What if Liverpool Draws and Manchester City Loses

English Premiership Cup
English Premiership Cup

The English Premiership will be wrapped up today in ten league matches.  The ten matches will kick off at the same time. The time is 3.00pm Nigeria time.

The winner is still open. It is either Manchester City or Liverpool FC. Players are expected to be clinical in their approaches to the game.

Football fans for both sides are keeping with the good side of faith. Tension and permutations are part of game preparations. Each fan is expecting a good result to be celebrated.

While the Liverpool fans have the option of winning the champions league on June 1, 2019, the Manchester City fans pray the club wins the English Premier League.

The permutations are if unexpected happens for both teams. If Liverpool draws or wins the game with Wolves at Anfield, and Manchester City defeats Brighton, City becomes English Champion. Likewise, if both teams win today’s games. Manchester City takes the trophy.

If Liverpool wins and Manchester city draws, it is Liverpool. It is a special day for both clubs

The uncommon permutation is for Liverpool to draw and Manchester City loses to Brighton. The trophy is to be won on goals.

The top echelons of the English Premiership table include Tottenham and Chelsea. Chelsea is ahead of Tottenham with 1 point. The table can be turned by the outcome of today’s games. Tottenham plays at home with Everton. Chelsea is playing away game with Leicester City at King Power Stadium. It is action packed for the English Premiership final games today.

Remember, the games will be played at the same time: 15OOhrs (3.00pm)