Erica Disqualified, Lucy Evicted – BbNaija Lockdown

It was a shocking eviction  on Sunday for Erica and of course Kiddwaya, and to other housemates, it was an eye opener.

Erica was disqualified Sunday evening, while Lucy was evicted during the Sunday eviction.

BBNaija Lockdown is a game with huge  prize money. Getting carried away with emotions and ego is never a way to play games. Being smart with the twists and turns is the way to go.

Biggie was stern Sunday evening to keep housemates on their toes.



Multiple Infringement including:

Defacing of Biggie’s property

Goading of fellow housemate

She was found guilty of denying the Deputy HoH access to the HoH Lounge.

Peeping through the windows and calling out to the camera crew.

Disrespecting her fellow Housemates

Bullying, provocation.

Erica’s actions last night demonstrated a flagrant disrespect of Big Brother’s House rules and was compounded by the fact that as the current HoH she was supposed to lead by example. Don’t forget that string and final warnings were issues to her last week,  and in accordance with article 18 of the Big Brother rule book and the three strike rule, this was the third and final strike.

So Erica was immediately disqualified from the Big Brother House.   shocking Eviction Sunday.


NeoNeo was out of line  in disagreement with Vee. For obstructing and restraining a fellow housemate forcefully, clearly denying the said housemate freedom within the Big Brother House, he was issued a strong and final warning.

However, Vee was not innocent and by grabbing Neo’s shirt Biggie said she was not “treading a fine line and could have easily gotten into trouble”.Vee

Biggie told the Housemates that such attitude would no longer be tolerated in Big Brother’s House. He cautioned them to be careful.Lucy

Lucy left the Biggie house without a hug to any housemates. They watched her leave the Biggie’s house without the normal insincere hugs to evicted fellow

It is 8 housemates now chasing the prize money of N85 million.




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