Esther Fights Thelma in Defence of the Down Syndrome in BB Naija- Pepper Dem- House

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Esther and Thelma

Esther teaches Thelma manners in the BB Naija Pepper Dem House.  Thelma used imbecile for the down syndrome, and Esther thought such was inappropriate and gave the correction.

Sir Dee agreed with Esther but Thelma wouldn’t take the correction.

Esther flared on the second use of the word by Thelma who was trying to disregard her correction. She made it point blank to Thelma that if she knows who is affected, she may not use the word imbecile for them.

Thelma claims to know one who’s affected but it was too late for Esther to accept her claims.

Thelma is the first to receive fire and thunder as Esther promised to blow in house. This is Thelma’s second fight to a fellow female housemate. The first was with Tacha over some fishes.

Esther may not be so quiet as she has portrayed in the last ten days.  The challenge to Thelma to accept correction shows she is a very strong-minded housemate.

Away from Esther and Thelma, close snoop in the house by Campusaga gathers that being up for the first eviction and the survival has brought Khafi and Gedoni so close.

Khafi showed that Gedoni is her crush in the game arena after Avala and Isilomo were asked to leave the house. However, she is still keeping eyes on Gedoni who she suspects has eyes on Kimoprah. This was revealed in the night as khafi caress Gedoni on the bed.

Gedoni assured her the cause of her suspicion is a history. To convince Khafi he is for her will be at a later date.

You may also care to know the housemates up for eviction this week. They are Ella, Kimoprah, Mercy, Sir Dee and Tacha.

Frood replaces himself with Mercy, otherwise, he is originally up for eviction as nominated by fellow housemates on Monday.

He has veto card power won earlier in the game to have such an opportunity.


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