European Union EOM Says 2019 General Election in Nigeria Lacked Integrity

The EU Election Observation Mission to Nigeria during the 2019 general election presented its final report on Saturday at a press conference in Abuja.

The report says the general elections were marked by severe operational and transparency shortcoming,  inconsistent collation figures, security problems and low turnout.

Highlights of the  observed anomalies by EU EOM includes but not limited to the following:

  • The card readers were not packed in tamper-evident envelopes as required.
  • Numerical discrepancies and anomalies on polling unit result forms were identified.
  • The result forms were mostly corrected by collation officers on the spot and without a clear system of record keeping.
  •  Leading parties were at fault in not reining in acts of violence and intimidation by their supporters.
  •  The abuse of incumbency at federal and state levels.
  •  Inconsistent numbers during collation were observed.
  •  There were a lack of clear checks and explanations
  •  Insufficient public information undermined the integrity of the elections. This is not in line with international standards for access to information and public accountability.
  •  Citizens did not have sufficient means to scrutinize results.
  • INEC did not provide  centralised information  on the declared results for the different locations and has not posted complete result data on its website
  • Lack of disaggregated results by local government, ward or pooling unit which would allow for thorough checking of results.
  • Low level of voters participation because of systemic failings seen in the elections.

Finally, EU EOM recommended for fundamental electoral reforms. The recommendation calls for urgent undertaken so as to allow time for debate, legislative changes and implementation well in advance for the next election.

However, in an interview granted by Festus Keyamo on Saturday, he says the election results reflect the wishes of Nigerians.