Facebook faces $35B lawsuit

Facebook faces lawsuit

Facebook faces a class action on its facial recognition which amounts to $35 billion. Unless the supreme court intercedes, the case could go to trial. Facebook was denied en banc hearing before the full slate if ninth circuit judges.

Illinois citizens allege that they did not consent to subjecting their uploaded photos to facial recognition and were wary about how long their saved data could be retained since the data mapping of 2011. If Facebook loses the battle, they could face a fine of $1,000 to $7,000 per user for about 7 million users. This amounts to a maximum fine of $35 billion.

The facial recognition technology was initially built by Facebook as a photo-tagging suggestion capability. But one of the judges in the three-judge panel claims that Facebook could use the data to bio-metrically unlock a secured cell phone or used to identify people in a surveillance footage.