Fake Eviction of Seyi and Tacha May be the Undoing of BB Naija Pepper Dem

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Fake eviction of Seyi and Tacha may ruin BB Naija Pepper Dem. Big Brother may have done that to make the game more interesting.  Unfortunately, the idea is not welcome by some audience. Fellow housemates are biased for their return to the house. Their opinions are already lopsided.

Some like Esther and Mercy who couldn’t hide their feeling are already crying to Big Brother to give everyone a fair playing ground.  Though they may not have known it is a fake eviction, opinions of some audience were as well biased. Some audience opined that:

Seyi and Tacha were selected because of voting strength from their teams and fans. Big Brother may be given preference to housemates making money for them in the reality show.

Their selection for fake eviction is making them more popular than the other housemates.

While Tacha is disliked by many housemates, she shouldn’t be the right choice for such a tricky game, even though Biggie has the option of choosing whoever he likes.

How would the housemates be convinced it was used as a trick in the game?

Finally, how would people interpret the reality show if eventually any of Seyi and Tacha wins the game?

Could it be that Biggie has shown the audience the possible housemates to win the game?

Permutations of the answers to these questions and assumptions will go a long way to appraising the show at the end.