Female Students Back lecturers in “Sex for Grade”

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Female students who spoke to Campusaga Media in anonymity blame some female students for sexual harassment by lecturers. Sex for Grade had been in the news since the BBC Eye for Africa report goes viral.

In the heat of the blames and nailing the lecturers, Campusaga Media took a look at the other side of the stories. Some female students that granted an interview to Campusaga Media in anonymity blame fellow female students for the sexual harassments.

The female student from the University of Lagos who granted an interview to Campusaga Media has to say:

” As for me oo, I have not been harassed because I read my books and pass my exams. So I have no need to visit a lecturer in his office or to be called to a hotel room. I see my score when the result is released. If you don’t visit a lecturer how would he harass you sexually? Will he come to your hostel? If you are invited to a hotel room and you refuse to go there, who will harass you? We should read and when you feel you don’t have the mark you suppose to have in an exam, follow it up in a formal way than to put a family man into trouble. I watched that video they got from my school and I asked myself what did the female student go to the office to do? Let us judge our conscience, please.”

Another female student from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka says the cause of sexual harassment is fifty-fifty. “My advice to my fellow female students is to be academically focused and accept their scores in good faith or call for remark when they feel they are underscored.”

When Campusaga was at Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Igbariam that just resumed a new session, the female student who spoke to Campusaga Media says, “Though I have not been harassed, it is good that lecturers who indulge in it are dealt with so that they will stop. That will even encourage most female students to study. Let them give students what they scored in an exam, and female students who depend on sex for a grade should be able to embrace the challenges of the new era. Abeg make una leave me alone.” She ended in laughter.

Another student from UNIGBA says, ” God will bless that girl abi na woman. what is her name self, eem…” Campusaga helped her to say “Kiki Mordi” and she continued. ” See I have been harassed by an innocent look lecturer. You see the lecturer that harassed the BBC woman is a pastor. You can’t imagine you been harassed. I won’t say more.”

“Sex for grade” is an ugly situation that has to be trashed out of the Universities in Africa and the world over, and everyone is involved. The female students and lecturers have strong roles to play. The will to do the right thing is the answer.