Female Students Dress Checklist

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female students Dress Checklist



Campusaga monitors students cooperative reputation in schools. Thinking and helping you feel good and sexy, admirable all through, take a look at Campusaga’s checklist, lest your dressing maybe off for the weekday lectures.





Monday begins with relief, so it is good students appear cute and fresh.

  • Knee length flare skirt with good colour matching top, flat sandals or shoes. If you have not made your hair, get the one you wear well packed. Don’t forget you will look gorgeous with the addition of other accessories like a wristwatch and handbag that complements the colour of your clothes.
  • If not skirt, go for something sexy like your jean trousers(skinny pants) with a shirt. A jacket can go with it depending on your weather. Your earrings must be compliant.


  • The week is still new, consider a floral gown with white sneakers, or with the unchosen option for Monday.



  • Tank top garment with a fitted pencil skirt may not be bad. Also sleeveless gown.  If you are not much comfortable with sleeveless you can put on blazers. Make sure your accessories match with the colour of your top or gown. Remember your bag has to look unique. Don’t forget your sunglass if you are the frick. A statement necklace that goes with its earrings would not be bad around your neck. You are good to go for Wednesday lectures, dear.


  • Put on your pants (jean trousers), and please get a simple built-in blouse with waist belts for your top. Ballet flat shoes or in-love flats would be the choice for shoes on Wednesday. Your handbag has to be versatile and neutral. Put on your statement earrings.  The masculine wristwatch would be better.
  • Apart from the above, consider good top with knee length flare or off lay skirt. Make sure the colour combination is bright and good to go.


  • Thank God it is Friday, and we still need not to look casual. Friday goes with native attire, African made Ankara with your best freestyle, and of course, your shoes would have to be flat. native Ankara could be paired with either pants or good top if it is a skirt. Ensure your dress are sewn to bring out your unique shape.
  • Campusaga knows you may not have Ankara, then you can go for a bold colour cut-away maxi skirt with a button shirt. Fold the sleeves neatly to look smart.  Ankle sandals would be nice footwear for you. This can go with a matching colour scarf and a statement necklace and earrings. Your handbag would go with the colour of the skirt.

Campusaga still advises that it is good for a student to restrict her dressing styles to what she can offer.  With our guide, experiment with your collections and you shall surely look nice.

Your sense of dress may be as good as Campusaga cooperative reputation and know the way you dress is how you are addressed. Please pass your comments