Femi Falana Wants the Nigerian Army to Stop “Operation Positive Identification”

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Nigeria Army is set to commence “Operation Positive identification” today, November 1, 2019. The exercise is to last till December 23, 2019. Army says any means of identification is accepted during the exercise.

According to the Army Chief, Tukur Buratai who spoke to the House of Representative, the operation is to arrest cross -border bandit, the foreign combatant infiltrating Nigeria border and conducting an attack.  The operation is to involve all security agencies, both those who are involved in the kinetic and non-kinetic operations.

But during “Politics Today” on Channels Television on Thursday, Falana said the Army doesn’t have the constitutional right to usurp the powers vested on the Nigeria Police in the nation’s internal security. “Constitution has vested the police the powers of maintaining internal security in Nigeria while the Armed Forces are in charge of defending the territorial integrity of the country.” Falana says it is “planned harassment and intimidation of Nigerians.”

“I am praying the court to restrain the Armed Forces, the Nigerian Army permanently from subjecting Nigerians to such ridiculous harassment as they are planning.”

“I am actually telling the court that majority of Nigerians do not have any means of identifying themselves. They do not have passports, driving licences, voters cards or international passports…  “I am working seriously on an injunction.”