Ferocious Watchdog is the Latest Trend for English Premier League Stars

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Ferocious Watchdog is the latest trend for the English Premier League Stars. The footballers are buying ferocious watchdogs to guard against break-in in their homes that are recently on the increase. Raiders on the EPL players are on the increase due to COVID-19 Lockdown.

Ferocious watchdog cost an average of £15,000. The breeds are mostly German and Belgian Shepherds, sold for £15,000. Players who already have ferocious watchdog include Paul Pogba, Stormzy, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Jesse Lingard, Hugo Lloris

Players recently attacked by raiders in their homes include:

Dele Ali: raided at knifepoint at his home and he lost £350,000 wristwatch and expensive pieces of jewellery belonging to his girlfriend, Ruby

Marcus Rashford’s Brother, Dane,  Alexander Arnold’s brother Tyler lost £250,000  wristwatches to raiders.

Andy Carroll lost £22,000  Rolex to two men on a bike in 2017.

However, flaunting of expensive wristwatches on social media by the players is an invitation to raiders to break into their homes. They are targets for violent criminals because of the boasting attitude.

Players have been advised to stop flaunting items on social media after Dele’s ordeal.