FG Releases Minimum Set of Guidelines for Reopening of Religious Activities

FG releases the minimum guidelines for reopening of religious activities on Tuesday.

Dr Sani Aliyu, the national coordinator of Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 made this known during the PTF briefings on Tuesday.

The set of minimum standard included  all aspects of non-pharmaceutical interventions required to protect the public from COVID-19 including but not limited to ensuring the supply of running water and soap, alcohol sanitisers at entry and exit points in all high contact locations including bathrooms.

Dr Sani Aliyu stated that in view of the widespread community transmission of COVID-19, it is important that places of worship operate in a safe manner to ensure the protection of public health, avoid outbreaks and safeguard the health of the vulnerable members of the populations.

He noted that the above  guidelines have been developed as a minimum set of standards that have to be complied with for places of worship to safely operate nationwide.

He said, “they have been developed by the PTF in liaison with the leadership of religious communities in the country and should be used as a baseline for states to allow these activities.

“It is important to note that due to the nature of religious congregations, places of worship are particularly recognised to have a major potential for spreading COVID-19 infections amongst worshippers.

“Therefore places of worship that are not able to comply with these measures should not be allowed to operate by state governments…”