Flavio Briatore 69, Now in Love with State University of Milan Law Student of 20

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Bernadetta Bosi, a 20-year-old girl and law student in the State University of Milan is Briatore’s new girlfriend. She is 49 years younger than Briatore.

Flavio Briatore and Benedetta Bosi

Flavio and Benedetta










Flavio Briatore is a former Renault F1 chief and ex-Formula One mogul. He made his fortune while working for designer brand Benetton in the 1980s. He is believed to worth 300 million pounds now.

Briatore has a long line of women he has dated. He has been with the German supermodel Heid Klum, Naomi Campbell and Elisabetta Gregoraci.

He has a daughter with Heid Klum and a nine-year-old son with Gregory who she divorced in 2017.

One of Briatore’s hobbies is dating beautiful women. He told Vogue in 2005 that he never counts and it is not right to count. “I believe every time you go out with somebody you go out because you are looking for something. Always the intention is good. If it is not successful, maybe it’s destiny.”

Bosi was the Pietrasantino Miss Carnival in 2017. Though she is not known in the celebrity circle, she hopes to enter the world of fashion.

The multi-millionaire had a short stay with Bosi in a plush Rome hotel where they clicked before whisking her away to  Kenya in private jet for holiday.


The ex QPR owner has been to Kenya on holiday with ex-spouse Naomi Campbell in 2014. He dated Naomi Campbell between 1999 and 2002, but they were still in good terms.