Ganduje Vs Sanusi: Ganduje Splits Kano Emirate into Five

Kano state Governor-Ganduje

Bill seeking for the splitting of Kano emirate may have been the fastest bill passed by the Kano state House of Assembly.

It seems almost incredible that the bill seeking to split the Kano emirate council started on Monday. It started with a petition filed by a group of lawyers under Malam Ibrahim Salisu Chambers. The petition agitated for the creation of more emirates in Kano for better administration and development.

The group said the concentration of powers and development in the Kano metropolis is at the detriment of the hinterland.

It was amazing that the lawmakers suspended other business of the day to give it urgent attention. Joint committee on judiciary and chieftancy matters was quickly set up to look into the petition. The joint committee submitted their report the next day (Tuesday) and the bill scaled through the first reading the same day.

Again on Wednesday, the bill scaled through the second and third readings respectively. It was sent to the governor the same day, and he signed it into law immediately.

The law created four new traditional institutions and emirate councils. Each of the emirate council has a substantive first-class title of Emir. They are Gaya, Karaye, Rano Bichi emirate councils. While Kano and Rano emirate council has 10 local government areas, Bichi has 9, Gaya  8 and Karaye has six.

“We will now have development close to the people. The traditional institutions are indeed partners in progress, especially in the areas of security, health, education, environment and social development. All hands will be on deck to take kano to the next level.”  This was Ganduja’s acknowledgement after signing the bill into law.

Reactions from the public are that the new law is to reduce Sanusi’s influence in the state. Others view it as a payback to Sanusi for not supporting APC in 2019 elections. This has added to the trouble of Sanusi and he has pending corruption case to answer.

Campusaga also gathered that the creation of more emirate is a tit for tat approach adopted by governor Abdullahi Ganduje. It is alleged that Emir Sanusi has been loggerheads with his government.