Gorilla Vindicated of Carting Away N6.8 Million from Kano Zoo

Gorrila and Kano zoo money

Accusing Animals of crimes in Nigeria is an ugly trend in corruption with impunity and criminality.

First, snake allegedly swallowed N36 Million from JAMB office vault. Quite incredible and huge slap on the faces of Nigerians.

It was quite incredible and laughable as it came when fighting Corruption was the topmost agenda of Nigeria Government.

Mysterious is the word to qualify the snake that needs such a huge amount of money in the snake kingdom with no legal tender. Just imagine an alien world where Nigeria would be the first country to trade with Animals in a market.

Juliet Ebrim rightly opined in the Vanguard then, “today, it’s a snake swallowing money and if the issue is swept under the carpet, who knows another animal that will swallow money in the future?”

Nigerians speculated that snake could be figurative or metaphorical. Whatever it is, the ugly concern is that money is missing.

Such snake need to face serious reprimand and severely dealt with according to the law. This will make other snakes and animals to take dressing.

How the snake was treated had given the gorilla the impetus to attempt stealing from the kano zoo, and it succeeded because the zoo fund is missing.

Today, the Gorilla is on the news for carting away N6.8 Million from Kano zoo.

“Nothing seems impossible in Nigeria anymore, this is naija, nothing is impossible,” is an ugly state of minds that would continue to aid corruption and evil in Nigeria.

The earlier the Nigeria government begin to make something impossible, the animal kingdom would stop daring Nigeria as a nation.

However, the gorilla is vindicated as police arrest four over N6.8 million allegedly taken  by a gorilla at Kano zoo.

Those arrested were not the armed robbers or burglars, but the security official and the accountant.

Statements from the managing director of Kano State zoological garden and Governor Abdullahi Ganduje on Tuesday  dismissed the gorilla report.

Mallam Umaru Yusuf said the money was stolen by burglars who invaded the zoo. ” I suspect theft and nothing close to gorilla,” he says.

Governor Ganduja also told newsmen in Abuja on Tuesday that there is no gorilla in Kano’s zoo.