House of Representatives Kick Against Executive Powers to Revoke Gun License from June1, 2019

Nigerian House of Rep
Nigerian House of Rep

President Muhammadu Buhari signed executive order a few days ago to remove, revoke, banish all firearm or shotgun certificate or license in Nigeria.

This executive order is intended to take effect from 1st June 2019.  The implication is that nobody in the country is allowed or authorised to own or carry prohibited weapons or gun.

Any license issued in the past / previously allowing one to own or carry any type of gun, prohibited weapons, components parts and prohibited ammunition or selling; that license is to be revoked.

It is only legit police officers and the army that is fully authorised can carry a gun.

What is not very clear is that Civil defence Corps and other security organisation are no longer allowed to carry weapons from 1st June 2019.

By this executive order, it is expected that all type of firearm license or certificate issued be returned to nearest police headquarter in your state.

Nota Bene, don’t hand-in your old certificate/license in a police station. It must be handed at the police headquarters.

The summary above was gathered from report tendered by Ahmed Bello, Media Center Abuja, Last week

The House of Representatives through a motion raised by Nnenna Ukaeje from Abia State kicked against the executive order.

Read the objective arguments against the executive order by the members.

“…only illegal gun will be in circulation and only criminal will own a gun. One would have thought that government position will be to domesticate international conventions that have proven around the world to be effective in curbing the proliferation of small arms and light weapons.” – Nnenna Ukeje.

” …This executive order is to make everybody in  Nigeria Vulnerable. Are they saying people use them to kidnap or kill? No. It is the kidnappers and armed robbers that are using it without license . If most of the weapons are being used illegally, it is for the security to go and tackle that. Not for the people who have their legally. I think that executive order if it has been signed should be overwritten” -Simon Arabo, Kaduna State.

” …Police have no clear criteria for issuing a gun license in Nigeria except you want to give them money. So people take gun without any procedure visible to all of us. If the police do have a full regulation guiding ownership or acquisitions of guns, then I will advise that they are withdrawn. The procedure is wrong and because of that, the President is right to say that they are withdrawn. Let them come up with regulations.” – Mojeed Alabi, Ogun State.

Lastly, the Lawmakers voted against the order and urged the President to withdraw it. The Ayes were more than nays.