How the Euphoria of Lockdown Withered Away

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The zeal with people entered into some activities at the start of the corona virus-induced lockdown worldwide has waned considerably with some conveniently forgetting the promise made to sustain the activity. What was of interest to yours sincerely was the number of internets inspirational and motivational speakers. They were mostly cut and paste motivational speakers, to say the least.

It was interesting while it lasted. Some of the pieces of advice and the talks, to be sincere, were very inspiring. But alas, the sun-scorched it, like the parable of the sower in the bible where the seed without sound root withered away. It was a fad that everyone jumped into in the euphoria of the lockdown which naturally withered away since the actions were not an inherent trait. It therefore destined to wither away from the beginning owing to the fact that the interest was external rather than internal. The euphoria of the lockdown and the fine ideas mooted by most people died a natural death because it was not birthed out of deep thinking. It was an impulsive act or at best a bandwagon effect, born out of follow- follow (in Nigeria parlance).

Another fact is that it was not their calling. You cannot give what you do not have naturally had to come into play. Naturally, since many did not possess the determination and discipline that comes with writing, it was natural for the passion to wane and maybe die. Lack of discipline may have played a fact in their abandoning the hobby which they had, with all seriousness, promised to sustain. Some had thought (albeit mostly aloud, since the internet age does not like people hiding their feelings) that they would turn it into a money-making venture.

Most organisations had advised their workers to work from the comfort of their homes. Had we not heard of young people in other climes become very rich and doing their work from home in their pyjamas just by sitting behind a computer screen? After all, the yahoo boys earn a living from just sitting behind a laptop screen and by just using a phone. As it were, if you are not cut out for it, you cannot do it. Thus, it was nothing but a pipe dream, maybe at best wishful thinking by those who had thought that they had found a niche. The fact is that it was our human nature that came into play. Nay, rather, our true nature came into play.

We are at heart little children whose new interest tend to attract our attention. Or maybe we have attention deficit. Like little children whose attentions are drawn by recently acquired toys only to jettison the toy when another interest comes along. We are all at heart little children who have toys that take away our attention. The acquisition of new cars by men is nothing but acquiescing to our childhood instincts of acquiring toys. The acquisition of flashy cars and state of the art household gadgets are just manifestation of our natural being. They are all toys that we acquire to salve our ego to either show-off or gain some measure of pleasure from the acquisition. The child in us would always rear its head in all our activities in life. The acquisition of pearls and expensive apparel are all a manifestation of our nature, human nature. we most times acquire things which we might not of necessity need but acquire them to shows us off as successful to society. Most of our actions are determined by the people around us without it been well thought through.

Peer pressure and the demands of society, especially of the media, plays an important role in the decision we make. The bandwagon effect which manifested itself at the beginning of the lockdown was an outcome of the influence social media has on society and the decision people make. It showed the power of information technology on the decision of people and how it affects their lives. The internet has taken over the role of the television as an influencer of lives and decisions family make.

The internet and social media, unlike the television, has the ability for one on one communication which goes a long way in influencing the audience. It has also enabled the audience to communicate or interface with the computer and communicate with millions. The audience has the ability to become a content provider and vice versa. We would continue to be influenced by society and society by us. The bandwagon effect will continue to occur because we are part of society, we cannot be apart from society.