How to End a Love Relationship Without Hurting Your Girl or Guy

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It is an obvious fact that there is no special way of starting a love relationship.  Matter-of-factly too,  there is no special way of ending it. However, many broken hearts in a love relationship is a subject of how it ends.

When a guy and a girl starts a love relationship, they rarely think of how it will end. But it is a reality that it will end one day. Starting a love relationship does not hurt in all cases, but almost all the ways of ending a love relationship hurt.

The experience of bad feeling when a love relationship ends takes a dimension from person to person. While some dwell in self-pity wishing that God intervenes for Almighty justice, others simply take their lives. The common thing is that they are all ugly experience.

Campusaga Relationship Therapy snoops to know that many are entrapped in a love relationship. They are no longer interested but manage it for fear of hurting someone. How long that continues is a question that worries many that seek counselling from our relationship therapy.

The obvious reason for such a question is that there is a need to end, but how will it go without hurting someone. You will wonder how many persons thought of this before ending a love relationship. The truth is that many persons think so, while many others don’t care.

It is being human to think of ending a love relationship without hurting someone and lackadaisical to take it common but, sometimes what goes around, comes around. Men and women had been equally hurt. No gender has a monopoly of abandoning a love relationship to start a new one.

Now, how do you go about it?

After due research and study of how best to end a relationship, Campusaga Relationship Therapy proposed the Firewood and Fire Method as the most effective way of ending a relationship without hurting a partner.

The Firewood and Fire Method

Love is like fire from firewood.  When firewood is ignited, fire comes up gradually to consume the firewood. It is firewood with oxygen that produces the fire. While you give more firewood, the fire keeps burning.

Now, how do you stop the fire without producing a cloud of smoke is akin to the question of ending a love relationship without hurting someone.

When you want to stop the fire and avoid smoke, it is by gradual starving. You stop giving it more firewood, and eventually, the fire is stopped without producing a cloud of smoke.

Therefore to end a love relationship without hurting one is by a gradual means. Love has to be gradually starved to end it.

In our previous post, we noted that Love is abstract.  Love does not attempt to represent any external reality but rather seeks to achieve its effect using human emotions and appeal.

When human emotions and appeals are gradually being withdrawn, love relationship fizzles out.

If it is a female partner, she will start considering advances from other men, while the male starts to look for another girl.

One day both parties will meet hanging out with new persons in their lives. The would have been broken hearts are filled. There will be no hurt.

Apart from Firewood and Fire Method, there is another way of ending a relationship without hurting one. However, it is part of the firewood and fire method.

Ended By Distance

Not many people sustain a distant love relationship. Therefore when one partner moves to a distant location, love gradually fades. Like we said earlier, love does not attempt to represent any external reality but rather seeks to achieve its effect using human emotions and appeal.

Human emotions and appeal in a love relationship are mostly promoted by proximity. Telephone and chats can take the place for smiles, but would soon be boring.

Again, those other things they help each other to do when they are close are gradually withdrawn. Proximity also makes them begin to appreciate a guy or girl they see often. Soon they are accepted to replace the other partner.

What’s next? One starts to forget calls and those regular chats. Soon they remember it has been long they called each other. However, each is comfortable with that. So the relationship ends without hurt.

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