How to Fund Forex Trading Account using Voucher

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Many have faced the challenge of funding a forex trading account using a voucher. As funding using credit card becomes increasingly difficult to the card scheme restrictions, there is need to find alternative solution to making deposit on forex trading account.

We have chosen to explore the funding options for forex trading apart from using credit cards.

Summary: Traditional funding options

Usually, one can fund the forex trading account using the following:

  • Credit card
  • Bank wire deposit
  • personal check

Funding with a Voucher

In order to avoid the chargebacks from the card scheme, one  can fund the trading account with a pre-purchased voucher. Here is how it should work:

  • Login to your trading account
  • click on deposit
  • choose to pay with voucher
  • choose the trading account you want to activate the voucher
  • enter the voucher code entirely
  • click to activate

Where to purchase voucher for forex deposit

Depending on your broker, you can purchase voucher for forex deposits at Forex voucher

Here is a sample of how to make a deposit at Worldforex


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Watch out for the latest and easiest almost free voucher funding options coming soon…