How to get quick instant loan in Nigeria

Get Quick and Instant loan in Nigeria

Ever wonder how you can get quick and instant loan in Nigeria within minutes, here is a guide. With this guide you can obtain instant loan without collateral paid directly into your bank account. A review of the Fintech companies offering quick loans are discussed in this guide. However, traditional banks are also coming up with loan applications to avoid being left out in the retail lending market.

How to get quick loan in Nigeria without collateral

Below is a list of how you can obtain quick and instant loan in Nigeria without collateral. The list is never in anyway arranged in order of importance. It’s just for your guide and reviews before applying to any of the services.

Fairmoney|Instant Loan app

Fairmoney offers instant loan and ability to recharge airtime and data on the app. The loan disbursement is swift and repayment process is also simple. To get started you need to download the Fairmoney app at . How it works, user needs to download the app, Register , receive loan offer and receive payment.


FairMoney 2 0 Making Money Better For Everyone

Carbon (Paylater)

Carbon offers instant loan to users when they download the app and complete simple KYC. The highlights of Carbon Personal Loans include:

Loans for people going places

  • Apply from the app 24/7
  • Funds in your wallet within minutes
  • Access up to ₦1,000,000
  • No collateral, guarantors and no paperwork


Carbon - Payments Bills Instant Loans Investments Credit Reports





Download Carbon now to obtain instant loan without collateral

How to get quick and instant loan in Nigeria with Zedvance

If you want to get quick and instant loan in Nigeria from N50,000 – N5,000,000‎, Zedvance have your back.  Zedvance enables you to get access to quick loans without collateral. You can apply for up to 5million naira with loan tenors of up to 18 months. 


zedvance instant loan


Download Zedvance and get loan of 5,000,000 now

Quickteller Loans 

Quickteller offers quick loans up to N10,000 in 10 minutes. The signup is simple and the disbursement is instant. To obtain small loans from Quickteller, all you need is to visit


Quickteller loan


Page provides personal Quick Cash Loans up N5M to salary earners in less than 3 hours. When you have urgent cash needs for medical, wedding, house keeping, you can apply on Pagefinancials and get instant alert.


Page Financials Instant Loan Emergency Loan in Nigeria Online Loan Without Collateral