Increase in Crash Rates of Marriage in Nigeria

Tonto Dike and Churchill
Tonto Dike and Churchill

Controversial  Nollywood Actress, Tonto Dike has once called her ex-husband a “40-second” man. She went further on to tell Daddy  Freeze of cool FM that Churchill suffers from premature ejaculation. He only lasts for “40 seconds”

Tonto Dike advised ladies that what happened to her can happen to anyone. Campusaga snooped to know that marriage crashes are on the increase for various reason.

Crash in the marriage starts from partial breakdown in communication and intimacy to separation and finally divorce. Marriages had been crashing from the old days to the present. However, a  survey by our Relationship Therapy Group in Nigeria showed an increase of 14% from 2017 to 2018.  The increase rate was amazing.

Campusaga snooped to identify the following as the cause for the increased rate.

1. Modern Technology
Technology had contributed more than any other factor in the increase in marriage crashes. Technology has promoted gossiping, eavesdropping, blackmailing, acts of feminism and gender equality,  acts of cheating or infidelity. These acts are circulated fast because of smartphones and the internet.

Men and women learn negative principles or ideas of how to run home from movies and cable TV. Couples challenge each other in the wrong ways.  The uses of smartphones had not helped in a less degree. Couples get all kinds of comments and ideas from social media. Escapades in sex and behaviours that may affect the couple negatively are acquired on the internet.

2.The decline in Societal Value
Societal value had declined considerably in recent time. This is the age of financial wealth.  Why shouldn’t marriage crash be on the increase when a girl would always want to identify with guys with cash irrespective of how he made the money.  Later, when they can’t cope up with the demands of the marriage, it has to crash.

Again, these days, marriages take place faster than expected. It has been a norm for the two families to inquire about each other before the marriage. The norm is neglected now.  The overall compatibility test for both families and couple to be are disregarded.

3. Class of a Thing

Apart from the decline in societal value, the class of a thing also contribute. People copy a lot these days irrespective of financial status. Examples: Choice of children’s school, car, trends in fashion etc, brings in that partial breakdown in communication and intimacy between couples. These were not mostly the case earlier.

4. Economic Hardship
The economy gets worse day by day, and you know finance contributes a lot to the joy of the couple. Crashes are expected when the economy is continually getting worse. Quite a good number of men can no longer provide enough for the family. Sometimes a husband or wife loses a job because of downsizing in workplaces.  The finance is affected, and the ripple effects of the imbalance increase the rate of the crash.

5.Awareness for Women’s Right
Marriage crashes are on the rise because of this factor. Most men are still living in the past when women don’t have the right to many things. Women are increasingly aware of their rights. Living in that primordial sentiments and undue authority era by men clash with this awareness. These days, husbands and wives don’t agree on many things. Marriage crashes are on the increase because the exercise of authority and decision making in the homes are being dragged.

6. Unrealised Expectations or Marriage for Wrong Reasons.
Quite a good number of couples marry for wrong reasons and that increases the rate of the crash.  When a guy gets married to a Lady because of her money, it is for the wrong reason. The guys are mostly disappointed later because women would always like to exercise authority as the breadwinner. Guys are not usually comfortable with this and the choice is to pull out. Economic hardship has subjected many guys to this kind of marriage.

On the other hand, at the wake of the scarcity of husband due to economic hardship, rich ladies advise one another to marry a man for selves. When the marriage kicks off, who controls what crashes the marriage.

&. Living Apart
Couples live apart these days because of work. Guys pick jobs irrespective of distance, away from the family or one’s locality. They do this because of economic hardship and lack of job. Earlier than now, upon graduation, jobs are already waiting for graduates to make a choice. It is quite difficult for marriages to thrive well from a distance. The synergy of the couple dwindles in such situations, and love fades away.